Written Paper

[Agroecological assessment of a sod-podzol soil under conditions of the long-term use of soil-protecting agrotechnologies]  [2003]

Zhuravel, S.V. (State Agroecological Univ., Zhytomyr (Ukraine))

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The article deals with results of the influence of the long-term systematic use of a soil-protection technologies to grow agricultural crops on agroecological properties of a sod-podzol soil according to the level of production function and dynamics of phosphate-potassium state thereof. Productive reaction of the agricultural crops is studied under the conditions of growing them at long-term use (18 years) of soil-protection technologies on the basis of cultivation without turning out the clod on the background of a different nutrition level. Dynamics of accumulation and redistribution of phosphorus and exchangeable potassium is clarified depending on the fertilizer rates and the application method. Ecoenergy assessment of growing the agricultural crops is given and economically expedient norms of technological factors in agrotechnologies are determined