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Anthropogenic component of palynoflora of the Late Holocene deposits of Ukrainian Polissya and its usage for paleopalynology, palynomorphology and paleohorology  [2013]

L. Bezusko T. Karpiuk S. Mosyakin Z. Tsymbalyuk et al.

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Palynological materials of the Late Holocene deposits of Ukrainian Polissya were analysed and summarized. The total list of the anthropogenic component in the palynoflora from the deposits and archaeological sites was identified (41 taxa total). The list of model synanthropic taxa is developed for paleomorphological and paleochorological studies. The maps of their distribution on the territory of Ukrainian Polissya in the SA-3 (Late Holocene) are provided. Micrographs of pollen grains of four cultural types and 11 species of weedy flora for the purposes of spore-pollen analysis are presented.

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NaUKMA Research Papers. Biology and Ecology