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Soluble vs insoluble fiber: different physiological responses.  [1987]

Schneeman B.O.

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A brief review on the physiological gastrointestinal response of soluble and insoluble dietary fiber concludes that the type of dietary fiber appears to have an influence on the physiological response. Human and animal studies have shown that insoluble fiber can slow gastric emptying and may slow nutrient uptake, and can blunt the rise in plasma glucose after a glucose load. Soluble fiber, owing to its high water-holding capacity, can be readily fermented by intestinal bacteria which may lead to a modest increase in fecal bulk. In contrast, insoluble fiber cannot be fermented, resulting in maintenance of the fiber mass in the large bowel. It is speculated that the differences in bacterial metabolism may explain some of the physiological effects of different types of dietary fibers.(wz).

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Food technology

ISSN : 0015-6639