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Journal article

Food for health: a nutrition encyclopedia. 1st ed.  [1986]

Ensminger A.; Institut International du Froid, Paris (France). [Corporate Author]

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An authoritative, comprehensive, alphabetized encyclopedia for health and nutrition majors, consumers, nutritionists and other health care professionals, and food producers covers all relevant aspects of over 2700 topics concerning interactions among foods, health, and nutrition. The 1184 text pages include 787 illustrations (327 in color), and over 1300 food compositions. Topics include detailed information on specific topics (e.g., acid-base balance, digestion and absorption, nutrition requirements for specific groups, hypoglycemia, metabolism, physical fitness and nutrition), various disease states (scurvy, osteoporosis, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease), food compositions, specific foods, specific diets, specific nutrients, and ancillary topics (e.g., meal planning, school lunch program). The topics include historical, descriptive, interpretative, and statistical information. A comprehensive index is included for easy reference, and cross-references are provided throughout the text.