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Pediatric nutrition handbook. 3rd ed.  [1993]

Barness L.A. American Academy of Pediatrics (USA). Committee on Nutrition. [Corporate Author]

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Intended to be a practical, comprehensive, and current source of information on pediatric support. Topics discussed include breastfeeding; formula feeding of term infants; supplemental foods for infants; vitamin and mineral supplement needs of healthy children in the United States; feeding from age 1 year to adolescence; adolescent nutrition; nutritional needs of preterm infants; energy; proteins; carbohydrate and dietary fiber; fats and fatty acids; calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium; trace elements; vitamins; infant nutrition and the development of gastrointestinal function; parenteral nutrition; nutrition and oral health; community nutrition services for children; current legislation and regulations regarding infant formulas; assessment of nutritional status; failure to thrive; gastrointestinal disease, chronic diarrhea, and malabsorption; oral fluid therapy and posttreatment feeding after enteritis; iron deficiency; inborn errors of metabolism; diabetes mellitus; hypoglycemia; hyperlipidemia; obesity; food hypersensitivity; nutrition and infection; nutritional aspects of vegetarian diets; fast foods, organic foods, and megavitamins; food additives; etc.