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West Bank and Gaza - Emergency Water Project : Environmental Assessment

Rustom, Rifat; Sarraj, Yahya; Mousa, Attia; Taha, Salah; FFPSI Group (MNSIF) [Corporate Author]

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The Emergency Water Project for West Bank and Gaza will accelerate the implementation of a program for priority capital investments that would increase available water in the southern West Bank by drilling and equipping five deep wells, and laying primary transmission and distribution pipelines. This integrated program would convey additional water throughout the southern area where the water supply situation is dire. There will be anticipated impacts, and mitigating measures. Survey will be conducted of existing facilities during the design to avoid potential accidental break of existing water lines. An activity schedule of working hours and days will be implemented to prevent dust generated by construction activities, concentration of pollutant emissions, and noise. Proper scheduling and monitor of any risky activities such as excavation and backfilling, use of safety measures and tools, safety provisions in design operating procedures, and training will be implemented to avoid risk of accidents, injuries, or death of workers and local residents. A plan for a re-vegetation will take place, as well as for disposal off construction waste, materials, debris, and implementation of water resource management. Increase the capacity of the sewer mains and sewer facilities, and design of a comprehensive sewerage system for the non-serviced areas. Conduct sanitation and hygiene education program, and awareness on water conservation, and proper usage.

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