Written Paper

Senqu and Senqunyane River Bridges and Connecting Road

Funahashi,Junko AFT: Transport (AFTTR) [Corporate Author]

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The Integrated Transport Project (ITP) for Lesotho will contribute to the government's poverty reduction and economic growth strategy by improving the rural and urban population's access to basic services, markets and employment opportunities. Potential impacts are expected to occur during the project including: earthworks resulting in dust and soil erosion; compaction of soil by heavy machinery; surface runoff; waste generation from construction camp; indiscriminate dumping of spoil material; soil, water, noise and air (vehicle emission) pollution; accidental spills; drying up of water courses; siltation of dams and rivers; social disruption by construction workers; prostitution; road accidents during construction; increased disease transmission; disposal or outdated equipment; environmental pollution and potential human (waste pickers) and animal health impacts as a result of the incorrect disposal of the outdated equipment, such as X-ray machines. Mitigating measures include: improvement of economy and lifestyles as a result of improved access and speed of transportation and employment opportunities; increased economic opportunities such as the proposed ski centre near Oxbow Lake resulting in better lifestyles and employment opportunities; capacity to improve road conditions and thereby road safety; reduced pressure on force account teams; increased employment opportunities and capacity building; and Contribution towards traffic
safety; establishment of a framework for the efforts to continue to improve road safety in Lesotho.