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Africa Region - Projet Africain de lutte d urgence contre le criquet pelerin (AELP) : procurement plan

Kraja, Vegim; Bytyqi, Vllaznim; Maqedonci, Fatos; Mjekiqi, Shqipe; Kashtanjeva, Valon; Kershi, Alord; Kershi, Albina; Salihu, Gent; Bejtulla, Enis; AFT: Environment & NRM (AFTEN) [Corporate Author]

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Youth voices group considers that the main importance in implementing such a project was the fact that the group got to obtain significant information on the emerging situation of Kosovo, which necessarily include implementation of 'Standards for Kosovo'. Not only was it essentially to be part of the current situation of our country, but it was also necessary to see what our role (the role of youth) is in implementing these standards. In this way, by having had two officials elaborate on standards, the authors have come closer to knowing what is the responsibility of the major part of the population - youth - and then come up with new ideas and mechanism on how they can be incorporated in this process, i.e. through information gathering. It is important, also to emphasize the truth that while implementing this project the authors have established contacts with Government representatives and experts on the field of standard implementation. These contacts will be used in putting other projects in action, which will certainly need the coordination of high officers.