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Journal article

Estimates of biomass and primary productivity in a high-altitude maple forest of the west central Himalayas  [2008]

Garkoti, S. C.;

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The paper describes the biomass and productivity of maple (Acer cappadocicum) forest occurring at an altitude of 2,750 m in the west central Himalayas. Total vegetation biomass was 308.3 t ha-¹, of which the tree layer contributed the most, followed by herbs and shrubs. The seasonal forest-floor litter mass varied between 5.4 t ha-¹ (in rainy season) and 6.6 t ha-¹ (in winter season). The annual litter fall was 6.2 t ha-¹, of which leaf litter contributed the largest part (59% of the total litter fall). Net primary productivity of total vegetation was 19.5 t ha-¹ year-¹. The production efficiency of leaves (net primary productivity/leaf mass) was markedly higher (2.9 g g-¹ foliage mass year-¹) than those of the low-altitude forests of the region.

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Ecological research

ISSN : 0912-3814