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Journal article

Predicting concentrated static load performance of oriented strandboard  [2005]

Zhang, Y.; Yan, N.; Cooper, P.A.;

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For floor and roof sheathing applications of oriented strandboard (OSB), resistance to concentrated static load (CSL) is a critical property in assessing strength performance. The purpose of this project was to determine whether CSL properties, represented by the maximum deflection under 200-lbf (890 N) load and the ultimate failure load, were related to other mechanical and physical properties such as thickness, density, modulus of rupture (MOR), modulus of elasticity (MOE), internal bond (IB) strength, vertical density profile (VDP), and shear strength of the board. Another objective was to develop a small-scale lab CSL test to facilitate testing CSL performance using conventional laboratory testing equipment. In addition, the effects of panel variables such as density and resin content on CSL performance were examined. Eight different commercial 4-foot by 8-foot by 7/16-inch (1.22-m by 2.44-m by 11.1-mm) OSB panels with two replicates per source totaling 16 panels were examined. Shear strength was evaluated using a customized five-point bending test. Models for CSL performance based on step-wise multi-linear regression were developed that predicted CSL performance reasonably well based on other properties. According to the model, shear strength in the perpendicular direction, as determined by a five-point bending test was more strongly correlated to the CSL performance than the other panel properties. A small-scale lab CSL test was found to give results
that were consistent with the standard CSL test. The results indicate that it is possible to predict full-scale CSL test performance from small-scale laboratory studies.

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