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Obesity: Adverse effects on health and longevity  [1979]

Van Itallie, Theodore B.

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Abstract: The background information is reviewed regarding the American Society for Clinical Nutrition task force consensus statement on calories. Prevention or treatment of obesity necessarily involves manipulation of energy intake and output. The most important public health disorders to which obesity contributes are cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, gallbladder disease, psychosocial disability, and musculoskeletal disorders. Other conditions associated with obesity include renal disease, liver disorders, ventilatory defects, venous stasis and thromboembolisms, gout, cerebrovascular disease, and (in women) endometrial and possible breast cancer. Obese persons are open to greater risk from surgery, anesthesia, and accidents, and they have a high rate of employee absenteeism. Statistics regarding relative body weight and longevity are examined.

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American journal of clinical nutrition

ISSN : 0002-9165