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new model for sustainable development: a case study of The Great Bear Rainforest regional plan  [2010]

McGee, Gordon Cullen, Andrea Gunton, Thomas

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This paper describes a new model of sustainable development planning based on a case study of a successful planning process for the Great Bear Rainforest on Canada's west coast. The planning region is an area of international ecological significance that contains one-quarter of the world's remaining ancient coastal temperate rainforest. An innovative collaborative planning process was initiated in 1996 to develop a plan for the region that balances social, economic, and environmental values. The plan, which was accepted by consensus agreement of all stakeholders in 2006, uses a new model for sustainable regional development that is based on collaborative planning, collaborative implementation, informal conflict resolution, contextual adaptation incorporating comanagement with indigenous peoples (First Nations), joint fact finding, ecosystem-based management, and integration of social, economic, and environmental objectives.

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Environment, development and sustainability

ISSN : 1387-585X