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Feeding frequency and nitrogen balance in weight-reducing obese women  [1984]

Antoine, J.M. Rohr, R. Gagey, M.J. Bleyer, R.E. et al.

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Abstract: Weight loss and nitrogen (N) balance were measured (over 2 consecutive 14-day periods) in 10 obese women (ages 16-59) consuming a 1200 kcal/day weight reduction diet in either 3 or 6 meals/day. The results indicated a slightly greater weight loss in women consuming 6 meals/day (when N loss and lean mass loss was lower) than in women consuming 3 meals/day. Hence, it appears that an increased meal frequency (6 meals vs. 3 meals) enhances the efficiency of a weight reduction diet when energy restriction is moderate (1200 kcal/day). (wz)

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Human nutrition : Clinical nutrition

ISSN : 0308-4329