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Biogenic amines in chocolate--a review  [1982]

Hurst, W. Jeffrey. Martin Jr., Robert A. Zoumas, Barry L.

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Extract: Literature information and data are reviewed and compiled for 4 biogenic amines (tyramine, tryptamine, serotonin, and 2-phenylethylamine) in chocolate liquor and chocolate products (i.e., light and dark chocolates). The average biogenic amine content of the liquors varies considerably from 1 geographical region to another. Furthermore, a variety of foods other than chocolate contain these amines also (especially, tyramine). The average tyramine content of 4 milk chocolates ranged from about 4-12 micrograms/g (ppm); for serotonin, about 1-27 ppm; and 2-phenylethylamine, about 0.4-6.6 ppm. Tryptamine, while not detected in milk or dark chocolates, ranged from abaout 0.5-3.5 ppm in chocolate liquors, depending on the geographical source of the liquor. The data provide the nutrition professional with current values on these amines which tend to increase blood pressure. (wz)

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Nutrition reports international

ISSN : 0029-6635