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Journal article

Evaluation of the effects of selected plant-derived nutraceuticals on the quality and shelf-life stability of raw and cooked pork sausages  [2011]

Hayes, J.E.; Stepanyan, V.; Allen, P.; O’Grady, M.N.; et al.

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The effect of lutein (200μg/g meat), sesamol (250μg/g meat), ellagic acid (300μg/g meat) and olive leaf extract (200μg/g meat) on total viable counts (TVC), pH, water holding capacity (WHC), cooking loss, lipid oxidation (thiobarbituric acid-reactive substances, TBARs), colour stability, texture and sensory evaluation of fresh and cooked pork sausages stored in aerobic or modified atmosphere packs (MAP) was investigated. Addition of sesamol, ellagic acid and olive leaf extract reduced (P<0.001) lipid oxidation in all packaged raw and cooked pork sausages. Antioxidant potency followed the order: sesamol 250>ellagic acid 300>olive leaf extract 200>lutein 200 for both raw and cooked pork sausages. Addition of sesamol increased (P<0.001) WHC on days 2 and 12 of MAP storage. Meat addition of lutein, sesamol, ellagic acid and olive leaf extract had no detrimental effect on pH, cooking losses, TVCs, tenderness, juiciness, texture or product flavour. Lutein, sesamol, ellagic acid and olive leaf extract were effective as natural functional ingredients in suppressing lipid oxidation and have the potential to be incorporated into functional raw and cooked pork sausages.

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Lebensmittel-Wissenschaft + [i.e. und] Technologie

ISSN : 0023-6438