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Marker assisted backcross breeding approach to improve blast resistance in Indian rice (Oryza sativa) variety ADT43  [2014]

Divya, Balakrishnan Robin, S. Rabindran, R. Senthil, S. et al.

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Marker assisted backcrossing breeding has become one of the essential tools in transferring novel genes to adapted varieties and was employed to pyramid three blast resistance genes Pi1, Pi2 and Pi33 to a popular susceptible rice variety ADT43. Gene pyramiding process was facilitated by marker aided selection for both foreground as well as background genotype. Previously reported linked molecular markers were deployed to survey resistant and susceptible genotypes. In the BC₃F₁ generation four lines viz, AC-B3-11-7, AC-B3-11-36, AC-B3-11-57, AC-B3-11-83 were identified to be pyramided with three genes and subjected to background analysis and a genome recovery up to 95 % was observed and advanced to further generations. Morphological, yield and grain quality traits were significantly similar to ADT43. The introgressed lines with three gene combinations were highly resistant to the blast pathogen compared to genotypes with single genes and the susceptible checks under blast nursery screening at two epiphytotic locations; Coimbatore and Gudalur. The selected three gene pyramided backcross lines in the desirable background were advanced to obtain an improved ADT 43 with resistance to blast disease.

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ISSN : 0014-2336