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Inhibition of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus in vitro by forsythoside A  [2015]

Yang, Ming Lu, Yan Ma, Yuanyuan Wu, Guoying et al.

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Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus (PRRSV) represents a significant challenge to the swine industry worldwide. Current control strategies against PRRSV are still inadequate and there is a need for new antiviral therapy method. Forsythoside is a compound derived from fruit of Forsythia suspensa (Thunb). Vahl suspensa, a traditional antiviral Chinese medicine. The effect of forsythoside on the infection of Marc-145 cells by PRRSV was investigated through the in vitro antivirus action and cytopathic change assay, It was found that forsythoside had a significant protective effect on Marc-145 cells pathological changes, the protective activity from high to low was treatment prior infection, treatment of infected cells, direct virucidal effect, respectively. Furthermore, its effect on the PRRSV RNA capacity and secretion of IFN-α was also evaluated via measurement of the cytopathic changes, real time PCR and ELISA assay. It indicated that forsythpside A inhibited PRRSV RNA synthesis and promoted secretion of IFN-α and in infected Marc-145 cells at a certain concentrations. The research has prepared the ground for later development of forsythoside as an anti-virus agent.

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International journal of pharmacology

ISSN : 1811-7775