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Journal article

Imbalance of Macro- and Micronutrients in the Environment and Biosubstrates of Residents Living in the Diamond Mining Region of Yakutia  [2014]

Borisova, Natalia; Markova, S.; Petrova, Palmira;

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The ecological model of modern medicine has acquired a new quality and has become one of the leading models. In this regard, the establishment of ecological and biogeochemical determinants of health is a real problem. Along with the socio-economic and environmental-demographic challenges of the North development, the health issue takes a crucial place. The Yakutia population has been exposed to a number of adverse natural factors, as well as anthropogenic factors. Because of this, the environmentally induced morbidity is significantly increased, which leads to pathology of the major functional systems.

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ISSN : 2158-0529