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'Stinking, disease-spreading brutes' or 'four-legged landscape managers'? Livestock, pastoralism and society in Germany and the USA  [2003]

Bieling, Claudia Plieninger, Tobias

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Comparisons between the Black Forest region of Germany and the Sierra Nevada foothills in the USA show considerable parallels in the relationship between livestock raisers and society. This becomes evident by sketching the historic course of interactions between society and pastoralism as well as the present situation. The authors emphasize that purely economic or ecological studies of pastoralism are not sufficient to explain the characteristic features of livestock farmers. In both countries a specific livestock farming culture can be characterized by team spirit, a desire for independence from the outside world, ranch fundamentalism, and a special relationship with nature. This set of values and attitudes should be considered whenever dealing with pastoralism, whether in a scientific, political or everyday context.

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Outlook on agriculture

ISSN : 0030-7270