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Heat Transfer during Steaming of Bread  [2014]

Ananingsih, Victoria K. Sim, Edda Y. L. Chen, Xiao Dong Zhou, Weibiao

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Understanding of heat transfer during steaming is important to optimize the processing of steamed bread and to produce desired qualities in the final product. Physicochemical changes occur during steaming of the dough which might be impacted upon by the heat transfer system. In this study, a mathematical model was developed to describe the heat transfer system in the bread being steaming throughout the heating process. The Forward Euler method was employed for solving the three-dimensional partial differential equation set for heat transfer to produce temperature profiles at a number of individual locations in the steamed bread during its steaming. All the comparisons between the model-predicted values and the experimental results produced root mean square error values ranged from 1.391 to 3.545 and R² values of all greater than 0.93. Therefore, it is confirmed that the model has a good performance and can be used to predict temperature profiles in the bread during steaming.

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International journal of food engineering

ISSN : 1556-3758