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Recurrent abdominal pain in children: Lactose and sucrose intolerance, a prospective study  [1979]

Liebman, William M.

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To clarify the potential role of lactose and sucrose intolerance in children with recurrent abdominal pain (RAP), 38 children with RAP were given lactose intolerance tests; 28 of these were also given sucrose tolerance tests. Of the 38, 11 had abnormal lactose tolerance tests and abdominal pain. Of the 28 tested for sucrose tolerance, none had a positive test, although one had abdominal pain. Elimination diet for 4 weeks gave significant or total pain relief in 10 of the 11 children with abnormal lactose tolerance, but had no effect on the one child with sucrose intolerance. A control group of 29 children, including 14 with other gastrointestinal problems, were also tested for lactose and sucrose intolerance. One lactose malabsorber was found, but dietary elimination of lactose had no effect; none had abnormal sucrose tolerance tests. Lactose intolerance seems to play a contributory role in RAP in children, while sucrose intolerance does not. Oral tolerance tests seem to reflect disaccharide malabsorption and its symptomatology

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Pediatrics (USA)

ISSN : 0031-4005