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Effects of a high fiber bread diet on weight loss in college-age males  [1979]

Mickelsen, Olaf Makdani, D.D. Cotton, Robert H. Titcomb, Stanley T. et al.

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Overweight college-age men following a reduced calorie, high fiber bread diet plan lost an average of 8.77 kg in 8 weeks, while a group consuming ordinary enriched white bread lost 6.26 kg in the same period. All the subjects were fed a nutritious variety of foods in addition to either 12 slices of reduced calorie high fiber bread providing 25.5 g crude fiber per day or 12 slices of enriched white bread containing 1.02 g crude fiber per day. The precise role of bread consumed can only be surmised; it may be beneficial in weight loss programs because it curbs hunger pangs enabling the dieter to resist food that otherwise would cause excessive caloric intake

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American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (USA)

ISSN : 0002-9165