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Phytate and oxalate contents in sesame seed (Sesamum indicum 1)  [1979]

Toma, R.B. Tabekhia, M.M. Williams, J.D.

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Phytic acid, total and free oxalate, protein total phosphorous (P), and calcium were estimated in sesame seed. Using a saline solution to dehull sesame seeds reduced total and free oxalates, and calcium. Roasting or grinding the seeds did not have any effect on the values. Diluting red and white sesame butter reduced all the components. Phytic acid content was 2.23% for red and 2.02% for white sweetened sesame. Positive correlations between total phosphorous and phytic acid, calcium and soluble oxalates were observed in dehulled roasted seeds. The addition of sugar reduces oxalate and phytate content in sesame seeds. The composition of sesame seed at various processing operations is charted

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Nutrition Reports International (USA)

ISSN : 0029-6635