Written Paper

Utilization of various fruit pomace products by growing rabbits  [1980]

Schurg, William A. Reed, James P. Reid, Bobby L.

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The fiber digestibility and utilization of various fruit pomaces fed to weanling New Zealand white rabbits is examined. There were three separate experiments. In experiment one, five sets of six rabbits were fed either a basal diet (0% pomace), or diets containing 10% apple pomace, 5% apple plus 5% grape pomace, 10% grape pomace, or 10% pear pomace; body weight and feed conversion were not affected significantly. In experiment two, five sets of four rabbits were fed diets containing 5, 15, 25, 35 or 50% apple pomace; at 50% there was a significantly lower body weight gain. In experiment three, three sets of 15 rabbits were fed 5, 25, or 50% grape pomace; the 50% group had a significant increase in feed intake resulting in increased feed conversion. Feeding greater than 10% fruit pomace may not be feasible without nutrient fortification