Written Paper

Coffee technology  [1979]

Sivetz, Michael Desrosier, Norman W.

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The present technical and practical knowledge of coffee and its industry is described to assist in training new personnel, and to serve as a technical resource for researchers and professional and industrial staff. The industry is described and the various process steps are discussed. Data on coffee and its properties is given along with a detailed description of coffee flavors and aromas as related to their origin, chemical composition, and chemical change. While coffee preparation (aging, roasting, processing) cannot be explained in a completely scientific manner, an attempt is made to apply scientific principles as far as is possible. Descriptive material on regions, varieties, and processes is included where such factors appear to influence product quality. Major areas covered include: history of the development of coffee and its uses; green, roast, and instant coffee technologies; and coffee and its influence on consumers (e.g., physical and chemical aspects of coffee; physiological effects of coffee and caffeine; brewing technology). (wz)