Written Paper

The Physiological economy of vitamin D  [1983]

Fraser, David R.

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Recent literature findings concerning the role of the liver in determining the efficiency of utilization of vitamin D through a balance of anabolic and catabolic processes are reviewed and discussed. Special consideration is given to: the question of vitamin D as a nutritional factor; the earlier misconception of an enterohepatic circulation that conserves vitamin D secreted into bile; and the causes of vitamin D deficiency. It is concluded that hepatic metabolism of vitamin D along anabolic or catabolic pathways offers explanations of induced vitamin D deficiency. Factors other than sunlight (e.g., diet) may play a role in clinical vitamin D deficiency. Oral supplementation of vitamin D is ineffective, unnatural, and possibly dangerous; hence, a means of supplying vitamin D in cases of inadequate exposure to sunlight is needed. (wz)

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Lancet (USA)

ISSN : 0099-5355