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Flavor effects of sodium chloride  [1985]

Gillette, Marianne

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A study panel examined the sensory effects of sodium chloride (NaCl) on a variety of food products. The flavor descriptors includes: aroma strength "mouthfeel" (fullness, thickness), saltiness, sweetness, overall flavor strength, overall balance, and miscellaneous off-notes (metallic taste, bitterness). Aroma and flavor profiles are depicted for strained peas, chicken noodle, split pea and tomato soups. Several additional foods were tested. The panel concluded that NaCl enhanced mouthfeel, sweetness, balance and saltiness, while decreasing or masking off-note factors. Potassum chloride (KCI), on the other hand, did not enhance mouthfeel or balance and significantly encreased bitter or metallic off-note factors. (wz)

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Food technology (USA)

ISSN : 0015-6639