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The adjuvant effect of yogurt on production of gamma-interferon by con a-stimulated human peripheral blood lymphocytes  [1986]

De Simone, C. Salvadori, B.B. Negri, R. Ferrazzi, M. et al.

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Extract: The Authors have evaluated the influence of yogurt and its bacterial constituents on the "in vitro" production of gamma-interferon (Y-IFN) by human peripheral blood lymphocytes (HPBLs). The addition of small quantities of yogurt to HPBL cultures stimulated by the mitogen concanavalin A (Con A) results in a significative potentiation of the production of Y-IFN. The phenomenon is even more evident employing suboptimal quantities of Con A, and may also be attributed to an acceleration in the production of Y-IFN by HPBLs. The potentiation of Y-IFN production resulted reduced or absent using heat-treated yogurt or yogurt filtered through a Millipore filter. Experiments conducted in which L. b ulgaricus and S. thermophilus were added to the HPBLs culture confirmed an adjuvant action of the acid lactic bacteria. The increase in the Y-IFN resulted independent from blastogenesis and interleukin 2 (IL 2) syntesisand proved effective in potentiating natural killer cell (NK) activity against K562 cells.(author)

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Nutrition reports international (USA)

ISSN : 0029-6635