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Large acute thermic response to chicken essence in humans  [1989]

Geissler, C. Boroumand-Naini, M. Tomassen, C.

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The thermic response to chicken essence was tested in 2 sets of 20 young healthy male and female Chinese subjects as part of an investigation into the validity of traditional Chinese beliefs in its remedial properties including recovery from physical and mental fatigue. Two types of commercial essence were used providing per 70 ml dose less than 6 and 8 gm crude protein and 30 and 40 kcal respectively. Metabolic rate was measured by indirect calorimetry before and every 15 minutes for 2 hours after consumption of essence or placebo. Mean metabolic rate was significantly increased above fasting baseline values by 8% and 12% respectively compared to 2% with water. The response was greater than expected from the total energy and protein content of the essence and may be due to the particular amino acid composition, other specific components and/or a cephalic response to taste

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Nutrition reports international (USA)

ISSN : 0029-6635