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Postharvest physiology of vegetables  [1987]

Weichmann, J.

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An authoritative reference text for agricultural chemists and researchers, food scientists and technologists, and nutritionists provides detailed information on the postharvest physiology of root, leafy, flower, and immature and mature fruit vegetables. The 31 text chapters, prepared by international experts in their respective fields, are grouped among 6 sections, viz.: the classification and physiological and biochemical changes of vegetables during the harvest period; basic postharvest physiological characteristics (e.g.: gas exchange, hormonal alterations, cell membrane changes); the influence of postharvest factors (temperature, low O2, high CO2, CO, ethylene and other volatiles, storage air circulation) on postharvest reactions and keeping quality; postharvest diseases and injuries; sensory and nutritional quality changes; and physiological postharvest changes in specific vegetables (brassica, asparagus, fruit vegetables, root vegetables, and bulbs and tubers). Graphical and tabular data are presented throughtout the text, and literature references are appended to each chapter

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Food science and technology (USA)