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Journal Article

Taurine content in foods  [1989]

Pasantes-Morales, H. (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico); Quesada, O.; Alcocer, L.; Olea, R.S.;

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The taurine content of foods including fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, cereals, meat, seafood, and dairy products was examined in this study. The highest concentration of taurine was found in clams and octopus (41.4 micromoles/g and 31.2 micromoles/g), followed by shrimp and fish (12.4 micromoles/g and 9.1 micromoles/g). Beef, pork and lamb meat contain taurine in concentrations ranging 3.5-4.0 micromoles/g. Taurine concentration in chicken leg was 6.6 micromoles/g and in chicken breast was 1.4 micromoles/g. No taurine was found either in hen eggs (yolk or white) or in dairy products or in honey. Taurine was undetectable in fruits and vegetables. From the seeds, cereals and grains examined, rice, corn, oatmeal, rye, wheat, barley, sesame seed, coffee and cacao, contain no taurine. Pumpkin seeds contain 13.5 nmoles/g, black beans 9.2 nmoles/g, horse beans 12.9 nmoles/g, and chick peas 18.7 nmoles/g. No taurine was detected in peanuts. Walnuts, almonds, cashews, hazelnuts and pinenuts contained taurine in concentrations ranging 15-46 nmoles/g. Pistachios contained very low amounts of taurine (4.9 nmoles/g). All analysis were carried out in uncooked samples. The interest of these results is considered in terms of reported evidences on the deleterious consequences of taurine deficiency in animals and humans

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