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Calcium oxalate crystals: the irritant factor in kiwifruit  [1990]

Perera, C.O. (DSIR Fruit and Trees, Auckland, New Zealand) Hallett, I.C. Nguyen, T.T. Charles, J.C.

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The cause of irritation in the mouth, when kiwifruit nectars and dried kiwifruit products are ingested, was investigated. Idioblast cells that contain raphide crystals of calcium oxalate were isolated from inner pericarp tissue of the fruit and studied by light and electron microscopy. An experienced panel of 9 judges detected an irritation from sweetened apple puree when isolated raphide crystals were incorporated at the rate of 30 mg oxalate/100g of puree. Sensory and microscopic studies showed evidence that the irritation was caused by sharp calcium oxalate crystals exposed during processing

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Journal of food science : an official publication of the Institute of Food Technologists (USA)

ISSN : 0022-1147