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A dietary, social and economic evaluation of the Philadelphia Urban Gardening Project  [1991]

Blair, D. (Penn State University, University Park, PA) Giesecke, C.C. Sherman, S.

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To evaluate the Philadelphia Urban Gardening Project, 144 gardeners were selected from a stratified random sample of garden sites throughout the city. Sixty-seven non-gardening controls were selected from the neighborhoods surrounding these sites. Data collected during home or garden interviews included demographic variables, food frequencies and dietary habits, measures of life satisfaction, and neighborhood involvement. The yield of 151 garden plots was assessed and the economic value calculated, based on retail produce prices. Garden sites yielded an average of $160 worth of produce. Gardeners ate 6 out of 14 vegetable categories significantly more frequently, and milk products, citrus, sweet foods and drinks less frequently. Except for citrus, the reduced gardener consumption remained significant when other key variables were controlled. Gardening was positively associated with community involvement and life satisfaction

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Journal of nutrition education (USA)

ISSN : 0022-3182