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Journal article

Characterization of erythrocytic indices and serum iron values in healthy llamas  [1992]

Weiser, M.G. (Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO); Fettman, M.J.; Van Houten, D.; Johnson, L.; et al.

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An electronic particle counter with attached particlesize analyzer was configured to directly determine concentration, mean cell volume, and volume distribution of erythrocytes in llama blood. Blood from 38 healthy llamas was used to characterize erythrocytic measurements and serum iron values for this species. Volume distribution curves for llama erythrocytes were similar in shape to those of other species. These curves had a unimodal, symmetric shape with a tail skewed to the right. Reference ranges for directly measured mean cell volume, erythrocyte concentration, hemoglobin concentration, and mean cell hemoglobin concentration were 21 to 28 fl, 11.3 X to 17.5 X 10(6) cells/microl, 12.8 to 17.6 g/dl, and 43.2 to 46.6 g/dl, respectively. Reference ranges for serum iron concentration, total iron-binding capacity, and transferrin saturation were determined to be 70 to 148 microg/dl, 230 to 370 micro g/dl, and 22 to 50%, respectively

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American journal of veterinary research (USA)

ISSN : 0002-9645