Written Paper

Worst things first?: the debate over risk-based national environmental priorities  [1994]

Finkel, A.M. Golding, D.

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Summary of closing panel discussion / Adam M. Finkel, Dominic Golding -- Recurring themes and points of contention / Adam M. Finkel, Dominic Golding --Afterthoughts / Adam M. Finkel. Should we-and can we-reduce the worst risks first? / Adam M. Finkel -- Rationalism and redemocratization: time for a truce / Alice M. Rivlin -- EPA's vision for setting national environmental priorities / F. Henry Habicht II --An overview of risk-based priority setting at EPA / Charles W. Kent, Frederick W. Allen -- Integrating science, values, and democracy through comparative risk asessment / Jonathan Lash -- A proposal to address, rather than rank, environmental problems / Mary O'Brien. Current priority-setting methodology: too little rationality or too much? / Dale Hattis, Robert L. Goble --Quantitative risk ranking: more promise than the critics suggest / M. Granger Morgan -- Paradigms, process, and politics: risk and regulatory design / Donald T. Hornstein -- Is reducing risk the real objective of risk management? / Richard B. Belzer - State concerns in setting environmental priorities: is the risk-based paradigm the best we can do? / Victoria J. Tschinkel -- The states: the national laboratory for the risk-based paradigm? / G. Tracy Mehan III. Working group discussions / Adam M. Finkel, Dominic Golding -- Pollution prevention: putting comparative risk assessment in its place / Barry Commoner -- Hammers don't cut wood: why we need pollution prevention and comparative ris
k assessment / John D. Graham -- Unequal environmental protection: incorporating environmental justice in decision making / Robert D. Bullard -- Risk-based priorities and environmental justice / Albert L. Nichols -- An innovation-based strategy for the environment / Nicholas A. Ashford -- Promoting innovation "the easy way" / James D. Wilson