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The Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA) is a non-profit organization established by the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) in 1966.

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Journal article

Field observation of wilt disease and shoot and fruit borer attack on different cultivars of brinjal [Solanum melongena Linn., Bangladesh]  [1980]

Ali, M.I.; Ali, M.S.; Rahman, M.S. (Regional Agricultural Research Station, Ishurdi, Pabna (Bangladesh));

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In an observation at the Regional Agricultural Research Station (BARI), Ishurdi, Pabna, Bangladesh, with 12 cultivars (1 exotic and 11 local) of brinjal (Solanum melongena Lin.), percentage of borer infested and wilted plants were calculated by counting the total number of healthy and infested plants in field condition. 5 plants for each cultivar from each plot of 4 replications were randomly selected and observations were made at an interval of 7 days from the first appearance of symptoms till the final harvest of the crop. Based on the results, the cultivar Bogra-2 gave the highest shoot infestation. In case of fruit borer, Jhumki showed the highest infestation followed by Bogra-2 and Bogra special; while Japani, Khatkhatia and Singhnath had similar infestation, and the rest of the cultivars were free from the attack. With regard to wilt disease, Bogra-4 had the highest percentage of infestation followed by Muktakeshi, Bogra-special, khatkhatia, Bogra-2 and Baramashi, Singhnath, Japani, Nayankajal, Jhumki, Islampuri, and D.R. Chowdhury.

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Bangladesh Journal of Agricultural Sciences (Bangladesh)