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Comparative response of rice, corn, and soybean to water stress with emphasis on leaf water potential, transpiration, and nutrient uptake [study conducted in the Philippines]  [1982]

Tanguilig, V.C. University of the Philippines at Los Banos, College, Laguna [Corporate Author]

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A pot experiment was conducted in the greenhouse during the dry and rainy seasons to determine and compare the response of rice (IR 36), corn (DMR-2), and soybean (Clark 63) to soil water stress. Water was withheld 19, 12, and 15 days after planting (DAP) for rice, corn, and soybean, respectively. These are the ages of the crops when their total leaf area per plant were identical. Water stress significantly decreased leaf elongation, leaf water potential, transpiration, and nutrient uptake of the crops, except K in corn. The response of the crops to water stress differed during the dry and rainy seasons. Crops grown during the rainy season had longer period of tolerance to water stress. With the varieties tested, the tolerance of the plant species studied to imposed water stress may be described as follows: cornsoybeanrice