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Review of the formation of incremental lines in tooth cementum of terrestrial mammals [age determination, game animal, variation, sex, reproductive cycle, climate, region, condition of the animal]  [1979]

Grue, H. Jensen, B. Vildtbiologisk Station, Kaloe (Denmark) [Corporate Author]

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In the present work, cementum structures have been studied in 3,700 individuals. Representing 52 species of terrestrial mammals. This material provided a wide opportunity to compare the formation of incremental lines in both closely-related species and in larger taxonomic groupings. In this way some idea has been gained of the intra- and interspecific variation occurring, which would scarcely have been possible from the normal use of incremental lines for age determination, in which often a single, or very few species, are studied. During the work with the authors' material and in extracting information from literature, the importance of several practical points in studying incremental lines became apparent. To aid future work on the formation of incremental lines, and in particular determination of age, some general recommendations are offered. It must however be emphasized that the importance given to each individual point should depend upon the background and purpose of each particular study.

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Danish Review of Game Biology (Denmark)