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Journal Article

Journal article

Revision of the genus Macrostomus Wiedemann (Diptera: Empididae: Empidinae): II. The pictipennis species-group  [2010]

Rafael, José Albertino(Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazônia Coordenação de Entomologia); Cumming, Jeffrey M.(C.E.F Invertebrate Biodiversity, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, K.W. Neatby Bldg);

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All species of Macrostomus Wiedemann allied with Macrostomus pictipennis (Bezzi), are treated in the pictipennis species-group. Three currently recognized species and four new species are included, namely M. cervicicauda Smith, M. cysticercus Smith, M. manauara, sp. nov. from Brazil (Amazonas and Pará states), M. pacaraima, sp. nov. from Brazil (Roraima, Amazonas and Pará states), M. pictipennis (Bezzi), M. smithi, sp. nov. from Guyana and Brazil (Roraima State) and M. utinga, sp. nov. from Brazil (Pará State). All primary types were examined and a key to species is presented.

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Acta Amazonica

ISSN : 0044-5967