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Drought effect on stomatal density in wheat genotypes originating from different parts of the world.  [1995]

Kastori R. Dencic S. Petrovic M. Kobiljski B. Poljoprivredni fakultet, Novi Sad (Yugoslavia) [Corporate Author] United States. Forest Service. Pacific Northwest Region. [Corporate Author]

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It was found that stomatal density in the studied wheat genotypes ranged widely: in control plants it ranged from 44.0 to 82.0/square mm and from 31.0 to 63.0/square mm on upper and lower leaflet, respectively. The number of stomata in the plants exposed to drought ranged from 54.0 to 102.0/square mm and from 36.0 to 72.0/square mm on upper and lower leaflet, respectively. Under the conditions of drought, stomatal density increased in all studied genotypes. Significant differences were found in stomatal density in genotypes originating from different world regions, different breeding levels, different degree of winter hardiness and genomic taxonomy. Drought effect on stomatal density was more or less similar for all studied groups of wheat genotypes.