Written Paper

Inheritance of quantitative traits in crosses of wheat genotypes differing in Rht genes  [1999]

Kobiljski, B.; Univerzitet u Novom Sadu, Novi Sad (Yugoslavia). Poljoprivredni fakultet [Corporate Author]

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A study has been conducted to assess the variability, gene effects and inheritance of stem height, kernel number/spike, kernel yield/plant, yield of aboveground biomass/plant and harvest index in five crosses of wheat genotypes differing in Rht genes: Bankuty 1205 (without Rht genes)/Aobakomughi (Rht-D1b), Bankuty 1205/Sava (Rht 8), Siete Cerros (Rht-B1b)/Tom Thumb (Rht-B1c), Siete Cerros/Ai-bian 1 (Rht-D1c) and Sava/Ai-bian 1. The analyzed crosses have exhibited significant differences in mean values, gene effects and modes of inheritance of the traits studied.