Written Paper

Glutenins as genetic markers for the technological quality of wheat cultivars  [2001]

Vapa, Lj. (University of Novi Sad, Novi Sad (Yugoslavia). Faculty of Sciences, Institute of Biology) Dencic, S. Obreht, D. Kobiljski, B.

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This paper presents the results of studies on the genetic variability of HMW glutenin subunits in wheat cultivars created in Novi Sad (Serbia, Yugoslavia). By the method of SDS-PAGE electrophoretic analysis, eleven alleles at Glu-1 loci (3 alleles at the Glu-A1, 6 at the Glu-B1, 2 at the Glu-D1) were determined. Typical HMW glutenin composition in wheat cultivars was 2(x), 7+9, 5+10 and 1, 7+9, 2+12. Positive correlation between individual Glu-1 values and loaf quality was found.