Written Paper

Ergonomic evaluation of the tractors seat  [2009]

Pateriya, R.N. Singh, Shailesh

استعراض النص الكامل

Most of the tractors industries are producing tractors in the range of 35-85hp, the human factors and aesthetic appeal have become essential sales factors. Human factors in the system development discipline influence man-machine system. The primary human factors include various controls of the tractor, dimensions of the equipment, type and arrangement of the internal components to accommodate the person who has to maintain the equipment. The operator seat is one of the important part for the man- machine system and comfort of tractor operator. Therefore, knowing the importance of the tractor seat a study was conducted on tractors seat, with particular reference to seating dimensions to add the comfort of the operator. The surface of the loaded cushion measured with the loading device in accordance with IS: 11806-1986. Dimensions for seat pan and backrest were measured and analyzed, according to BIS recommendations. The results indicated that the best accessibility index was 0.199 out of the other tractors that were found 0.251 and 0.038 and the relative position of the controls seat pan width were found satisfactorily with the high percentile tractor operators. The study also highlighted that present tractor seats need minor modifications / improvement in seating dimensions as per BIS recommendations.


Pantnagar Journal of Research (India)

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