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Journal article

Phytoplanktonic diversity in lake Jaisamand, Rajasthan (India)  [2015]

Balai, Vijay Kumar; Sharma, L. L.; Ujjania, N. C.;

استعراض النص الكامل

The present study describes the diversity of phytoplankton in the lake Jaisamand of Rajasthan (India). Results depict that phytoplankton was contributed by six major groups which comprised total 85 species. Out of which 13 belongs to Myxophyceae, 5 to Euglenophyceae, 38 to Chlorophyceae, 3 to Xanthophyceae, 1 to Cryptophyceae and 23 to Bacillariophyceae. Thus, Bacillariophyceae and Chlorophyceae turned up as the dominant groups in terms of density (159-554 numbers per liter and 24-485 numbers per liter) and species number (23 and 38), respectively. It was revealed that Jaisamand Lake maintained fairly good population of phytoplankton which is indication of providing broad base for achieving high productivity in this water body.


Journal of Applied and Natural Science

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