Written Paper

Rural Poultry Farming with Improved Breed of Backyard Chicken  [2013]

P.K. Pathak B.G. Nath

استعراض النص الكامل

Livestock and poultry rearing is an imperative factor for improving the nutritional security of ruralpoor in India. Rural farmers rear Desi type chicken with low egg and meat production in backyardsystem. For developing the rural poultry farming, improved backyard poultry likeVanaraja/Gramapriya birds rearing is of utmost important. These improved birds can rear in bothintensive and free ranging system. Birds can be reared for egg production in small numbers (10-20) in free range conditions if plenty of natural feed resources are available. Chicks need broodingduring initial 6 weeks of age to maintain the required body temperature and to protect frompredators. In nursery rearing, feeding of broiler starter up to 28 days is better option but it can alsobe formulated with locally available materials. At 42 days of age, the birds can be let out underbackyard free-range conditions. Birds should be vaccinated specifically against the Newcastledisease and fowl pox. The backyard poultry farming with improved birds provide a solution tofood security to the needy villagers paving a way for sustainable agriculture in rural areas of India.