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The Islamic Azad University, Miyaneh Branch is a university as a branch of Islamic Azad University, a private university system in Iran. It is located in Miyaneh city in East Azarbaijan Province. IAU is one of the largest comprehensive system of universities, colleges, and community colleges in the world.

Journal Article

Journal article

Evalution of sunflower varieties for yield production under drought stress conditions using statistical tolerance indices  [2010]

Abbasi Seyahjani, Ebrahim; Farhvash, farhad; Khorshidi Benam, mohammad; sadegi, aytak;

استعراض النص الكامل

Effects of drought stress were examined in three sunflower cultivars for the yield production. A split plotexperiment based on a randomized complete block desighn with three replications was conducted in the agriculturl Research Station of Islamic Azad University, Tabriz Branch. Five drought tolerance indices including MP (Mean Productivity), GMP (Geometric Mean Productivity), TOL (Stress Tolerance), STI (Stress Tolerance Index ) and SSI (Stress Susceptibility) were estimated for each variety. The results showed that significant differences between three cultivars for the yield. The variety named Armavirsky produced the highest yield (5486 kg/ha) in non-stess condition as compared to other varieties but variety Euroflour produced the highest yield in stress condition (2672 kg/ha) in comparsion with the two others. The highest amount of STI was estimeted for Armavirsky with a value of 0.57. Considering the GMP index, variety Armavirsky was also a high tolerant cultivar (5486 kg/ha). However, according to SSI and TOL indices, Euroflour stand at the top as a tolerant cultivar, whereas variety Armavirsky still showed high value of MP. Correlation analysis between Ys and Yp with other stress indices revealed no relation between Ys and other tolerance indices but Yp correlated with STI, TOL, GMP and MP. It is concluded that variety Euroflour can be recommended in stress and variety Armavirsky in non-stress conditions. Indeed, indices such as GMP, STI and MP are
reliable for selecting stable genotypes with high potential productivity.