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It is the biggest library of agricultural literature in Latvia, the deposit library of the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation and the national centre of the information systems AGRIS and CARIS.

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Journal article

Finances, Taxes, Investment and Support Systems. Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference Economic Science for Rural Development  [2009]

Ivans, U. (ed.-in-chief and responsible comp.), Latvia Univ. of Agriculture, Jelgava (Latvia);

استعراض النص الكامل

The 10th annual international scientific conference is dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the Faculty of Economics, Latvia University of Agriculture. The international scientific conference on April 23-24, 2009 is organised by the Department of Business and Management of the Faculty of Economics, Latvia University of Agriculture. The number of participating universities and scientific institutes increases with every year. Professors, associate professors, assistant professors, PhD students, and other researchers from the following higher education institutions participate in the conference and present their results of scientific researches. All the proceedings are arranged according to [11] thematic units: Efficiency of production in primary and secondary sectors of agriculture; Rural development and globalisation; Rural social and economic development; Efficiency of financial support; Regional agriculture within the context of specialisation and globalisation; Co-operation and integration; Rural mentality and cultural development in rural areas; Role of information in rural development; Rural development management; Quality of life and environment in rural areas; Consumption changes in rural development. All the papers of the international scientific conference “Economic Science for Rural Development” are arranged into the following thematic volumes: 18. Regional and Rural Development; 19. Primary and Secondary Production, Consumption; 20. Finances, Tax
es, Investment and Support Systems.


Economic Science for Rural Development (Latvia)

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