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Properties of long flax fibre reinforced nonwoven and composite materials  [2016]

Seile, A., Riga Technical Univ. (Latvia); Belakova, D., Riga Technical Univ. (Latvia);

استعراض النص الكامل

Nowadays, especially in the car industry, the demand of light construction usage increases. Combining natural fibres with polymer fibres like polylactide (PLA) as textile material the content makes it also appropriate for composite material production increasing the field of textile material usage. Conducting the present research long flax fibres (40 wt %) and polylactide (PLA) (60 wt %) fibres nonwoven material (NWM) samples of the so-called sandwich type have been developed. The objective of manufacture of NWM samples is their further conversion into a biocomposite material, where flax fibres perform the function of reinforcement and PLA fibres – of composite matrix. The NWM structure is formed by five fibre web layers. Preparation and formation of fibre web layers are done by the air-laid method, and for the manufacture of NWM the mechanical needle punching method is used. Composite samples have been manufactured by inserting a part of the prepared NWM strips into the thermal press. Manufacture and testing of the samples obtained during the research has been done at the RWTH Aachen University Institute of Textile Technology (RWTH ITA). Conducting the research NWM has been obtained with surface density between 1066–1261 g·mE−2, the tensile strength of which varies from 0.03 to 0.05 MPa at the material elongation of 40-59 %. The surface density of the composite obtained from NWM varies in the range from 1035 to 1235 g·mE−2, ultimate tensile strength 16.79
to 24.18 MPa at the material elongation 3.56 to 4.31 %. Upon 3-points bending the strength limit varies from 0.92 to 1.11 MPa at material elongation 0.04 %.


proceedings of the international scientific conference

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