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The chemical composition of replantozem in the recovery process in the recultivated area  [2019]

Ivanova, N.; Malgina, S.; Aleksandrova, A.; Shayakhmetova, R.;

استعراض النص الكامل

The chemical composition of the replantozem in the recovery process on the reclaimed oil–polluted area was studied: pH of the soil solution, the content of oil products, chloride of ions, phosphorus, manganese, calcium, calcium, iron, aluminum, ammonium and magnesium, as well as organic matter. The activity of the proteolytic enzyme protease and cellulase in soil substrates was determined. The aim of the work was to monitor changes in the chemical composition of replantozem in the process of their self-healing. Research methods: pH of water — by inoLab 740 conductometer, organic carbon amount — by the method of determining the organic matter by the photometric method of Tyurin according to TsINAO for mineral soils, total Fe2O3, total Al2O3, MnO2, mobile forms of P2O3 phosphorus. the results showed a decrease in the concentration of petroleum products, the pH shifts in a neutral direction, a decrease in chlorides. According to these results, it is impossible to conclude the process of restoration of the site. The content of chlorides and hydrocarbons has decreased, but other indicators have not recovered, their concentrations are lower than control by half and more. Determined the activity of proteolytic enzyme protease and cellulase in soil substrates. Mathematical and statistical processing of the material. Revealed a correlation dependence of the activity of enzymes to chemical indicators. The need to add reclamation measures to the modern stages of recl
amation was identified.


Bulletin of Science and Practice

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