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SWALIM stands for Somalia Water and Land Information Management, and the name says it all; it is an information management unit serving Somali administrations, non-governmental organisations, development agencies and UN organisations engaged in assisting Somali communities whose lives depend directly on water and land resources.One and a half decades of civil strife in Somalia have resulted in the loss or damage of most of the water- and land-related information collected in the previous half century. By producing baseline information, assessin [...]

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Journal article

The ESRI Guide to GIS analysis, Volume 2: Spartial measurements and statistics  [2005]

Mitchel A.,ESRI;

استعراض النص الكامل

In The ESRI Guide to GIS Analysis, Volume 2: Spatial Measurements and Statistics, Mitchell (the author) takes users deeper, showing how an emerging set of tools that rely on spatial statistics provides GIS users the capability to conduct detailed, mathematical analysis of geographic information, This second volume introduces statistical tools, geared specifically for geographic analysis, that are relatively new to GIS software packages and thus to most GIS users. It shows the tools in use in many different applications, explains which tools are best with which situations, and provides guidance on interpreting the results you get. The ESRI Guide to GIS Analysis, Volume 2: Spatial Measurements and Statistics focuses on four fundamental tasks of statistical analysis. These are: calculating the center, dispersion, and trend, Identifying patterns, Identifying clusters and Analyzing geographic relationships.


ESRI Guide to GIS analysis